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3 nights of radical underground film

Fans of original, thought-provoking cinema are in for a treat May 15 – 17, thanks to the second year of the Wellington Underground Film Festival (WUFF), an event celebrating the best in experimental filmmaking from New Zealand and abroad.

The three-day festival will showcase a diverse collection of 75, mostly single-author, films that range from half-minute colourful experimental pieces to a half-hour silent film shot with Super-8.

The programme includes a film narrated by the black box recorder Ouroboros A2M37, an animation about what happens to a memory if you chase it too much, a geometric synthesis of abstract bodies – screened along with dozens of other creative and moving films.

Auto(NO)mous, by Mica Hubertus Mick

Festival organizer Rosie Rowe explains the factors that define underground filmmaking: “The lack of money, equipment, resources and sometimes even technical skills expresses an attitude and ethos you can’t find in the dominant narrative form. This year, we’re excited to present a programme representing 58 artists from 17 countries. Our primary focus, though, remains on providing a platform for New Zealand underground filmmakers, who comprise 30% of the 2014 festival, and the cultivation of a local audience for radical filmmaking.”

WUFF will take place May 15 – 17 at The New Zealand Film Archive, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington.
For more information and full screening details visit WUFF.