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$3000 NZ Film Going to Cannes

A Kiwi sci-fi film that cost only $3000 to make has been picked up by an international agency that is taking it to the Marche du Film in Cannes next month. Carlos Alperin, head of Galloping Films, said the special effects in the NZ-made movie were “superb” and that they were “very excited” to represent the film internationally.

The movie is called ‘End of All Things,’ an apocalyptic thriller, and was shot mainly in Auckland and Rotorua. It has taken the Auckland-based director A.K. Strom over three years to make. Solar flares and giant meteors literally rain down on earth in the film, which contains a large number of special effects shots.

Strom said he wanted to see if it was possible for small indie filmmakers with no money to use modern technology to compete with big overseas projects. He says that technology has leveled the playing field, and that even the “little guys” can now have spectacular effects in their movies.

“Asteroids hitting earth? Solar flares emptying whole cities? No problem,” he says. “But you’ve got to have a good story too.”

The Marche du Film in Cannes runs from 13 to 22 May. Galloping Films is hopeful that ‘End of All Things’ can generate a great deal of interest at the event.

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