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3D not lost in translation

The Korean government`s Electronics and Technology Research Institute (ETRI) has signed MOUs with Film Auckland, DigiPost and NHNZ around 2D to 3D stereoscopic software it is developing.

ETRI is the largest government-funded research institute in Korea, a mix of think-tank and practical research and training organisation.

The relationship between ETRI and NHNZ goes back a few years, with a previous MOU signed around three years ago. Following the MOU, NHNZ did testing work on animation and VFX software ETRI had developed.

Now one of the world`s leading producers of 3D TV content, having produced over 28 hours this year, NHNZ is keen to be part of the development of ETRI`s new 2D-3D conversion software. “We`re chuffed to be part of the equation,” NHNZ`s GM John Crawford said.

ETRI has a number of research labs, including a Broadcasting & Telecommunications Convergence Research Laboratory, Creative & Challenging Research Laboratory and a Software Research Lab – and more PhDs per square inch than most places on the planet.

It also has a Technology Commercialisation Division, and holds a large number of patents for software and other technologies it has developed. As part of its process to maximise returns from its investment, ETRI often seeks international partners to field test its potential products. DigiPost and NHNZ will each field test a number of technologies developed at ETRI if the MOU follows through to collaboration.

NZTE Seoul introduced Film Auckland to ETRI earlier this year when they asked Film Auckland to assist in hosting a delegation to New Zealand. Last month a nine member delegation from ETRI returned to Auckland to sign MOUs with Film Auckland and DigiPost before heading to Dunedin to NHNZ.

The high-level delegation included ETRI`s Executive Director, Dong Won Han and senior staff from relevant departments, ETRI`s Digital Content Industry Division, Visual Content Research Department, Interactive 3D Image Research Team and Convergent Contents Research team.

DigiPost was introduced to ETRI during ETRI`s visit in June.

The MOU opens up new technologies and opportunities for R & D for Auckland-based film companies. Film Auckland will now begin working with ETRI to action the MOU and introduce potential research partners in Auckland.

Film Auckland`s Michael Brook said that he hoped the MOU would be a very active one, and fitted well with the organisation`s strategy of seeking out more business opportunities in Asia. Brook regularly attends the October Busan market event BIFCOM and has built a strong relationship with NZTE Seoul over the years.

The MOU with ETRI isn`t restricted to opportunities related to ETRI`s 2D-3D conversion software but can encompass other digital content projects on which ETRI is working.

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