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3NEWS celebrates 25 years

TV3’s flagship daily news bulletin was first broadcast at 6pm on 27 November 1989, providing New Zealanders with their first alternative home-grown television news service.  Fast forward to 2014 and 3News is the cornerstone of a 24-hour multi-platform news and current affairs service.
3News at 6pm is broadcast daily on TV3, RadioLIVE, and a range of digital platforms, with 2.17 million Kiwis tuning into a 6pm bulletin each month on television alone.* 
Marking 25 years of news and current affairs coverage, TV3 will screen a series of retrospective mini-documentaries on 3News at 6pm, beginning Sunday 23 November for five nights.  The documentaries examine the network’s coverage of significant events, personalities and stories that have shaped New Zealand and the world. They will run nightly during the 6pm bulletin and will be narrated by current 3News presenters.
The coverage begins with the first 3News broadcast on 27 November 1989, then looks at the critical moments in our history, including political, international and domestic events. There is also a selection of comedic on-air mishaps and iconic moments that have occurred in the network’s news broadcast history.
On November 23, 3News will also launch microsite 3News.co.nz/25years featuring an interactive timeline containing important news events and coverage from the last 25 years, career-defining stories from 3News presenters, blooper reels, behind-the-scenes images and more.
Director of News and Current Affairs Mark Jennings says: “3News has changed the news landscape in New Zealand.  We have broken hundreds of stories in politics, sport, entertainment, business and general news.  Reporters and presenters including John Campbell, Mike McRoberts, Hilary Barry, Carolyn Robinson, Samantha Hayes, Michelle Pickles, Hamish McKay, Bob McNeil, Melanie Reid, Joanna Paul, and Belinda Todd have become household names. 
“We have always looked to take our viewers to the heart of the news.  We’ve sent reporters to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza, covered the Pacific extensively, and been on every All Black tour for as far back as I can remember.  Sometimes we have been the only New Zealand news organisation on the scene.
“We have always been innovators – from the days of Nightline to our latest project, the early morning show with Paul Henry that will be available on TV, radio and online.”
“I am very proud of all the presenters, reporters, camera crews, editors, directors and other staff who work extremely hard every day to provide viewers with the world class product that is 3News.”
*Nielsen TAM, 5+ cume, October 2014
Stories will air across the following dates: 

  • 23rd November – Retrospective look at the first episode and beginning moments of 3News
  • 24th November – Iconic bloopers and lighter moments from 3News coverage and presenters
  • 25th November – Notable political stories and misadventures by Parliamentary officials
  • 26th November – International stories and events that have shaped our world
  • 27th November – Local stories and events from New Zealand
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