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48+ to support newish writers

The programme will offer support for writers or writer/directors with projects at any stage from concept to production, although its main focus will be on the development of specs scripts or scripts ready for optioning/development investment.

The NZFC has provided devolved funding for the initiative, with the aim of nurturing new writing talent. Although criteria aren’t set in stone, the scheme’s definitely not designed “for those who have already been heavily supported with development funds via the NZFC”.

Announcing the initiative, 48Hours creator Ant Timpson said, “The competition has proven to be a fertile incubator for new writing talent over the years. It’s crucial for film NZ that good talent gets early support and that there’s a pathway for worthy projects to be given a solid chance of reaching an audience.”

The competition has been a stepping stone and calling card for several writers and writer/directors over the years, including winners thedownlowconcept, Gerard Johnstone and Taika Waititi. Although the 48+ initiative is running through 48Hours, it’s a writer-specific offer, not for the benefit of entire teams.

No application deadline has been announced for 48+, but the first round of support will be announced in July. Application is by online form at the 48Hours site.

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