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48Hours finalists emerge from the pack

Thirteen films will compete in the national final of the 2011 V48HOURS furious filmmaking competition. In a break from tradition, the regional winners didn’t automatically qualify for a national final slot this year. Those that didn’t make the cut got a second chance to slide back into contention courtesy as one of Sir Peter Jackson’s wildcard selections.

Auckland teams led the way going into the finals, picking up six of the ten nominations and two of three wildcard slots. Wellington and Christchurch teams followed with two nominations each, with a team from Taranaki rounding out the selection.

The ten finalists selected by the judges are:
Grand Cheval, The Child Jumpers (Fad Movie, Auckland) 
idiotVision, Headshot (One-Room Movie, Auckland)  
Couch Kumaras, Sketch (Road Movie, Wellington) 
Mo Appreciation Collective, Circus Animals (One-Room Movie, Auckland)  
Cinema in Decline, Tea Jerker (Crime, Wellington) 
Lense Flare, Copy That (Road Movie, Auckland)  
Clinky, RoboRevenge (Revenge Movie, Auckland)  
Rubber Soul Productions, Well Strung (Musical/Dance, Taranaki) 
$195 WorthUrban etikit (Fad Movie, Auckland) 
Suspect TV, Naughty Man (Horror, Christchurch) 

Sir Peter added three wildcards to the final mix:
Mukpuddy Meanie Pants (Quest Movie, Auckland) 
Shonky Productions 48 Hours (Mystery, Auckland) 
The Outwits Grindin’ (Music/Dance, Christchurch)

The national final takes place at the Civic, Auckland on Saturday 2 July. Tickets are available here. The channel fka TVNZ 6, now U, will screen the films over the week following the final, at 10pm daily from Sunday 3 to Saturday 9 July. Less successful but no less enjoyable entries can be viewed here.