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48Hours Finalists

Fourteen teams were named today as the 2014 competitors to be this year’s 48Hours Grand Champion. Three previous grand champions are named in the line-up.

The previous winners are Noise and Pictures (2012, Brains); Grand Cheval (2011, Child Jumpers); and Lense Flare (2007, Lease).

Over 700 teams had a go at the competition this year, a considerable drop from the 807 teams announced as having taken part in the 2013 edition.

Three city winners made it into competition for the grand prize, Auckland’s Mukpuddy, Christchurch’s TBALC and Wellington’s Noise & Pictures taking that honour. Auckland and Wellington runners-up Aslym and Cinetrance made the cut as Peter Jackson wildcards.

The nominees in other finalist categories will be announced next Friday, 16 May.

Tickets for the Grand National Final being held Friday, May 30 at the Civic Theatre, Auckland are on sale now at Ticketmaster for $20 + booking fees.

The 48Hours Grand Finalists are:
Black History Fortnight, Selfies and Poetries
Cinema In Decline, Interference
Grand Cheval, Mi Amigo Mandarena
Hoganstreetheros, Feed
Lense Flare, Pants On Fire
Mexico, A Lesson On Probability
Mukpuddy, Dead End Job
Noise and Pictures, Rubble
The Eh Team, Le Restaurant d’Erreurs
The Sir Peter Jackson Wildcards are:
Asylum, Flicker
Cinetrance, Irrevocable
I Love Loops, Framerace
Simo & Simmo, Dick Off

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