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48Hours finds first finalists

The first batch of city finalists was announced at 10 this morning. Such was the online clamour to find out if teams had made it through, the V48Hours website servers groaned, complained and suddenly felt the need for a bit of a lie-down – probably not unlike the teams at the end of the shoot weekend.

The Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton filmmakers got to know their fate first, with other cities to follow.

Several usual suspects again feature in the 2012 line-up, although not last year’s overall winners Grand Cheval. 2011’s second and third placed teams, Lense Flare and Mukpuddy, feature in the Auckland finalists’ list.

Other 2011 award winners also make the Auckland city finals, including HaynesFilm Ow and IdiotVision. The Downlow Concept, twice winners of the national competition, and now creators of 7 Days and Hounds, also make the Auckland city final.

The city finals run in Auckland Sat 2 June, Dunedin Sat 9 June, Christchurch Sun 10 June,
Hamilton and Wellington both Wed 13 June. The Grand Final runs in Auckland Sat 30 June. Check V48Hours for ticket details.

The city finalists announced so far are:

ADHDMi – “Brothers” – Fantasy Adventure
Battlesoup – “Briefcase of Pain” – Crime
Brothers in Crime – “BBS” – Erotic Superhero
Crankleskank – “Future Snake” – Found Footage
Del Sur – “Glow” – Inspirational
DERP – “Open, closed doors” – One shot+
Downlow Concept – “Seed” – End of World
Dream Coloured Lights – “Apple Bobbing” – CrimeGoodfellas – “Daylight Robbery” – One Shot+Crime
HaynesFilm Ow – “Blackout” – Found Footage
IdiotVision – “Love Story Sessions” – Romantic Comedy
Lense Flare – “The Girl With The Clover Tattoo – “One Shot+
Mukpuddy – “Love In Decay – Romantic Comedy
Scratch Negatives – “12” – End of World
Sinistral – “Go Fish” – Urban Legend
Voltron & Holograms – “Wiz-nap” – Found footage

23 films – “Home” – One Shot+
Cheeky Kiwis – “Self-Contained Flat” – Horror
Cut   & Paste – “Headcase” – Horror
DF10 – “Rounds” – Action
Ground Swell- “Whiff Takers” – Rom-Com
One Whare – “Love ‘n’ loathing in Suburbia” – One Shot+
Reel Good People – “Monochromacy” – Inspirational
Rubbersoul- “There for Me” – Musical
Tanked Engine – “Winds of Change”   – Urban Legend
Tuff Collective – “Dead Lucky” – Musical
White Knuckles – “Cover to Cover” – Fantasy Adventure
Zarquons Fish – “Detention” – Horror

The Dutch Underground – “Sockerpunch” – One Shot
The Eh Team – “Day 6” – Horror
The Gentlemen’s Agreement – “The Wham! Initiative” – Found Footage
LHSTD – “Mother Knows Best” – One Shot
Oldschool Cinema – “Supernova” – End of World
Oozy Rat In a Sanitary Zoo – “There’s Something Rotten In the School of Redmark” – Based on
an Urban Legend
The Outwits – “Hannah Repus” – One Shot
Picton Pictures – “An Inconvenient Hoof” – End of World
Squint Eastwood – “Lionel Fantasy VII” – Fantasy Adventure
Strang Entertainment – “True” – Inspirational
TBALC – “Nicky + Eve 19/5” – One Shot
Zebra Crossing Inc. – “Fukushu (Revenge)” – Fantasy Adventure