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A fistful of gongs

Steambox Films will be sharing four of their award winning short films for free for a limited time via their Facebook Page at facebook.com/steamboxfilm. The films will be available for viewing from 6pm on June 24, 2016.

The four films are Ahi Kā, Ow What!, Tits on a Bull (pictured, top) and Elevation. Between them, these films have notched up wins at the Hawaii International Film Festival; the New Zealand International Film Festival; the Pasifika Film Festival; the New Zealand Screen Writers Awards; plus a fistful of gongs from the Wairoa Māori Film Festival. The films have also screened at a number of prestigious film festivals around the globe.

Steambox Films is an informal collective of Māori screen professionals based in Rotorua who are passionate about filmmaking. The core members of Steambox Films are: Lara Northcroft (Tūhourangi); Piripi Curtis (Ngāti Rongomai, Ngāti Pikiao); Tihini Grant (Ngāti Pikiao); Richard Curtis (Ngāti Rongomai, Ngāti Pikiao); Mike Jonathan (Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa, Tainui); Tim Worrall (Ngai Tūhoe, Te Arawa); Nicola Smith (Ngāti Kahungunu), and Cliff Curtis (Te Arawa, Ngāti Hauiti).

Steambox Films see the free online release as an important opportunity to reward the many friends and family who have been involved in the making of the shorts or who have supported the group’s development. They are also aware there are a large number of people who are keen to see the films but haven’t had a chance to attend any of the festival screenings.

Catch the trailers before the release of the whole films.

2014 New Zealand, 15 mins, Writer/Director: Richard Curtis, Producers: Jillian White, Cliff Curtis
Left alone with just her spiritual guides, a young girl upholds the prestige of the tribe in order to protect the land for generations to come. Due to her brave deeds she is immortalized forever.

2015 New Zealand, 12 mins, Writer/Director: Tihini Grant, Producer: Lara Northcroft
Dark Comedy. Trapped in an elevator, a white supremacist and a Maori gang member have the chance to confront their issues and come out better men… or not.

2015 New Zealand, 15 mins, Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Jonathan
A young boy from Ruatoki recognises two unusual guardians, as he is conflicted between becoming the man of the house and playing rugby with his mates.

2015 New Zealand, 16 mins, Writer/Director: Tim Worrall, Producers: Lara Northcroft, Piripi Curtis
Set in a Maori women’s rugby team, Tits on a Bull follows Phoenix Tawhana, the young star of the team, as she struggles to choose between her long-time friendship with aging coach Rusty or her new relationship with lesbian team-captain, Mel.

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