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An Accidental Fundraiser

Tony Forster’s doco An Accidental Berliner has launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, marking – hopefully – one of the last steps of a journey begun almost 25 years ago.

On 19 November 1989 Forster was, by chance, crossing from East to West Berlin as Checkpoint Charlie opened up and he found himself among the first people to walk freely into the West in 28 years.

A quarter of a century later he’s in the home straight of making a documentary that has seen him shuttle back and forth across the world, pursuing an answer to the question: What meaning, if any, lies behind an ordinary Kiwi finding himself in the midst of one of the most significant events of the second half of the 20th century?

An Accidental Berliner

East German passport! West German beer!

Having been in Berlin in 2009 to shoot during the 20th anniversary of the Wall coming down, Forster intends to be back there for the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall this November, although that’s not the reason for trying to raise some cash.

An Accidental Berliner is almost complete, and the funds raised from the IndieGoGo campaign will largely go to paying other people to get it across the line – on colour grading, sound mixing, license fees for archive footage and creating the DCP. Forster has had encouraging responses from documentary film festivals he’s submitted a rough cut to so far.

An Accidental Berliner sampler

An Accidental Berliner is raising funds here until 5 October.
It’s also here on Facebook.

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