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Acorn growing Kiwi crop

Acorn TV, the US streaming service known primarily for British content, will shortly launch two NZ detective series.

The Brokenwood Mysteries

America, you’re nicked. Neill Rea and co head stateside

As series two heads into production here, the first season of The Brokenwood Mysteries debuts on Acorn next week, the first episode available from 4 May. It joins fellow South Pacific Pictures title The Blue Rose, which is already a part of the Acorn offer. SPP recently announced a sale of Brokenwood to France, where it will play in primetime – the first NZ TV show to do so.

Acorn will also release The Brokenwood Mysteries on disc in the US, with the blu-ray available from 7 July.

On 1 June, Desert Road’s Harry will premiere on Acorn with a double episode, the rest of the series playing out weekly until the end of the month. Acorn will also release the show on disc from August.

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