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Actor becomes real-life Agent Anna

Kiwi actor Shane Cortese has joined premium real estate brand New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty.
Cortese, a successful television and stage actor, is now a licensed real estate agent for NZSIR, to be based out of the company’s brand new Takapuna office and the Herne Bay office in Auckland.
Cortese was first approached about working for NZSIR by his best friend and bandmate Chris Jones – NZSIR’s business development director.
“Chris said to me, ‘We’ve seen the way you are around people; have you ever thought about this as an option? We believe you will be really good’. I didn’t just jump into it. There has been a lot of thought gone into this decision and I’m very excited about it,” Cortese explains.
The new role isn’t spelling the end of Cortese’s acting career, but it is enabling him to remain in New Zealand with his family, and be a bit more selective in television opportunities.
“Having a family means I can’t go off to the US or England and be in a long-running television series there. I’m also very committed to NZ drama and would very much like to remain filming here in NZ,” he says. “However, that comes with restrictions based on the amount actors make, so I need other interests. The luxury real estate industry in NZ – of which NZSIR is a market leader – is exciting, sought-after, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”
NZSIR’s strong emphasis on team culture amongst its agents and staff resonated with Cortese.
“What appealed to me is that within the brand, there’s no one looking after oneself – everybody wants to help each other out. It’s a team ensemble culture. As an actor I love doing ensemble shows, and that’s what it’s like within NZSIR – everyone’s looking out for the team. That’s something that sat very well with me.
“Selling a property for someone will be incredibly rewarding; often it’s an investment people will make only a few times in their lives. I consider working for a high-end agency like NZSIR to be a privilege and a huge opportunity. I have an appreciation for discretion and privacy – I personally know the importance of it and have valued my own privacy over the past few years – and I will be bringing that appreciation into my work,” Cortese says.
“However, I’m also very realistic about the perception of so-called ‘celebrity’ to move into real estate. People are smart: It may be an opening of a door but at the end of the day their focus is selling their home or buying a property. It’s all about who will be the best personality fit to achieve that. I’m looking forward to working with buyers and sellers to be the best fit for that task, and more importantly working with them again and again. There is nothing better than being cast again on the back of a good performance!”
NZSIR’s business development director Chris Jones says: “I have known Shane personally for many years and what has always impressed me is his commitment to everything he does. He also has a significant network of contacts in the business community and has always been very generous with his time for charity work. I have no doubt he will bring all of that talent to our company and industry.”
NZSIR managing director Mark Harris adds: “We are very pleased to have Shane Cortese join our business. Shane’s work ethic, commitment to excellence and business sense are equal to his prominent profile. We are very excited about his prospects in the industry moving forward.”