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AFCI 2013 adds producer show

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), which runs its annual locations show in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, has added a Producer Show to its Cineposium event in September.

This year’s Cineposium runs in Jecheon, Korea, 29 September – 2 October, dovetailing neatly with the country’s A list festival, Busan, which opens 3 October.

The Producer Show is, effectively, a reversal of AFCI’s long-running location show. Rather than have film commissions tout their wares and applicable incentive schemes to producers, the Producer Show will offer up selected projects to a promised 200 or so investors and film commissions, primarily from from the Asia region.

The show will also promote incentive schemes from various countries and territories. Mostly it will follow the more traditional script for project markets, offering a pitching session for all selected projects and pre-bookable one-on-one meetings.

The show is seeking projects at any stage up to production, although it’s fair to assume few if any that have commenced shooting will be accepted.

The timing of the announcement allows applicants the chance to double dip and try to place a project in both the AFCI’s Producer Show and the following week’s Asian Project Market (APM), run in conjunction with the Busan festival and other market events. Last year APM invited 30 projects spanning a range of genres, half of which originated outside Asia or were presented as co-productions with non-Asian partners.

Busan’s deadline for submissions to APM is 30 June. AFCI’s deadline extends to 4 August. Info on the AFCI Producer Show is here.

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