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AIDC closes lots of doors

Australia’s major doco event has closed for another year, kissing farewell more permanently to its leader of several years Joost den Hartog and host city, Adelaide.

Departing AIDC ED Joost den Hartog

Departing AIDC ED Joost den Hartog

Executive Director den Hartog leaves next month. He was in post at AIDC for 10 years, which have seen the annual event grow considerably.

As den Hartog moves on, so will AIDC itself. The organisation’s board announced today that next year’s events would be hosted in Melbourne under a partnership with Film Victoria and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). AIDC hopes the move to Melbourne will allow further expansion of the annual festival-conference-market, which it rebranded this year as NET-WORK-PLAY to acknowledge the increasing importance of the digital and online spaces for factual content.

Den Hartog’s next position is with an online broadcaster of factual content.

AIDC has yet to confirm dates for the 2016 events.

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