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Alex Clark takes a global view at FILMART

Wellington-based producer Alex Clark attended FILMART to advance a range of projects and check up on how one he made earlier is doing. He explored opportunities with potential partners from around Asia and beyond.

FILMART exhibitor US distributor Vision Films has the rights to Contract Killers, produced by Clark and directed by Matt Pearson.

Vision’s Executive VP Adam Wright shared the news that the micro-budget action title had sold internationally. Clark confirmed deals had been closed for Germany and Japan. Contract Killers has already released on DVD and VOD in North America.

Contract Killers trailer

Clark and Pearson are currently developing two low-budget action features that Vision have expressed strong interest in. Vision will pre-sell one of these at a future market. Clark intends to get the title into production before the end of the year.

Clark was in Hong Kong courtesy of NZFC support, while CEO Dave Gibson also sort of put in an appearance. Gibson was featured on the Cyberport stand in a video display of the facility’s conference programming. The reel also included Wellington lawyer Michael Stephens and Pukeko Pictures’ Martin Baynton.

As well as producing Contract Killers and developing more action features Clark has been developing projects with Paul Campion (The Devil’s Rock) including an adaptation of Brian Keene’s Dark Hollow. Canadian distributor Raven Banner Entertainment picked up worldwide rights to the production after its appearance at the 2012 Frontières: Fantasia Film Festival Co-production Market.

Last year Campion and Clark tried to close the financing for Dark Hollow, but it stalled on the NZ end and the project is currently on the back burner.

Raven Banner’s Andrew Hunt and Sonia Lowe met with Clark at FILMART to advance discussions around another Campion and Clark adaptation of a Brian Keene novel, Kill Whitey. It’s a lower-budget project than Dark Hollow, c$500,000 according to Clark. A contained action horror, it should be possible to get it up more quickly than Dark Hollow and use it to create some heat for Campion as a director.

Campion and Clark are currently working on materials for pre-selling the feature. 

Raven Banner is also on board Canada-NZ co-production Turbo Kid, a feature developed from an ABCs of Death submission and produced by Ant Timpson and Tim Riley.

Clark had a busy few days at FILMART, although one has to work quite hard not to be busy there.

Among others, he also took meetings with Shaw Studios (whose COO Eric Stark was a producer of Alex Galvin’s NZ-Hong Kong feature Eternity) about Matt Pearson’s next action feature. Like Eternity, Pearson’s next film has the potential to do some shooting and post work there.

Because producers need to have their fingers in several pies, Clark was also meeting with the Taipei Film Commission about a sci-fi feature (working title The Lung). Clark is developing that project with Jack Nicol (AD on Contract Killers, The Cure and Fresh Meat, and presently working on Desert Road’s Project L).

The Taiwanese threw a lively party on FILMART’s opening afternoon, hosted by the Taipei Multimedia Production Association. The event offered plenty of opportunity to network with a range of producers, locations offices and other officials.

FILMART ran 24 – 27 March. The next edition will run 23 – 26 March 2015.

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