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Anon bucks trend

Following on from its sale to Netflix at Toronto in September, ex-pat writer-director Andrew Niccol’s Anon is now being celebrated by financing platform Slated, which claims credit for introducing a significant part of the US$19.2 million budget.

Anon is a sci-fi thriller featuring Amanda Seyfired (who also played in Niccol’s 2011 In Time) and Clive Owen. It hasn’t yet been given a release date by Netflix.

The financing platform names Anon one of its recent successes (and the highest-budget title financed through the platform) in its latest round of promotions.

Anon’s budget is well north of the average budget of US$3.8 million for films listing on the platform.

Five years on from its launch at Sundance, Slated boasts that 1053 of the 9,066 features listed on the platform have been offered US$627 million of investment.



The infographic also offers a breakdown of the sorts of films that are finding support via the platform. LBGT, westerns and faith-based are the genres least successful at finding investment, with drama the top performer and drawing over 50% of the total amount of investment offered.