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APSA 2010: adds script development fund

On Saturday night in Shanghai, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) put their hands in their pockets to announce a new fund, offering 4 awards of US$25,000, specifically targeted at APSA alumni.

Fiona Copland

The Strength of Water producer Fiona Copland
Photo: Vali Valeti

The funds are intended to be used for script development on new projects. The awardees will be selected from the APSA Academy, which is made up of past APSA nominees, winners, Jury and Nominations Council members.

A panel of industry experts (names yet to be announced) will make the decisions. Winners will be announced at the APSA bash in Queensland on 2 December.

Projects will be judged on the same criteria which applies to films in the APSA competition – films that best reflect their cultural origins, demonstrate cinematic excellence and are deemed Asia-Pacific.

The submission process for the MPA APSA Academy Film Fund will commence on 31 July.

Collaboration between Academy members is encouraged, but only one Academy member needs to be attached to a submission in the role of Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Actress or Cinematographer.

New Zealanders eligible to make submissions for the award are: director Vincent Ward, producers Catherine Fitzgerald, Kero Nancy Tait, Marg Slater and Tainui Stephens (all for Rain of the Children), nominated for Best Documentary Feature, 2008; and producer Fiona Copland (The Strength of Water), nominated for Best Children’s Feature, 2009.

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