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APSA 2013: Film Financing Forum sidebar

For those contemplating a trip to Brisbane for next month`s Asia Pacific Screen Awards, organisers have announced a six-strong panel including two Kiwis ahead of the Awards bash.

Chris Payne and Michael Stephens

The NZFC’s Chris Payne and lawyer Michael Stephens

NZFC Development Executive, Chris Payne, and Lawyer and Producer, Michael Stephens, will be the NZ contributors to the panel. Both have considerable experience of working to get projects up in the region.

Australian panellists will be SPA Executive Director, Michael Deaner, and Producer Chris Brown, who has several NZ titles starting with S on his resume, including Via Satellite, Savage Honeymoon, Scarfies and Stickmen.

Brown stuck with the letter S to produce last year`s sharks in a supermarket schlocker Bait 3D, which did OK business in Australia, but went so well in China (despite being widely pirated ahead of its theatrical release) that a sequel is in the works.

Chinese speakers will be the MPA`s Chief China Rep, William Feng, and President of the Shanghai Film and Television Academy, Sherwood Hu.

As has been widely observed, China has a lot of people, a rapidly increasingly number of movie theatres, and a rapidly-growing understanding of how to put the two together to make money.

There`s a lot of private equity money available, unlike in Australia and New Zealand. But, since those countries have attractive incentive schemes, where there`s a will there`s a way.

The Forum will examine film financing models in different markets and look how sustainable financing models involving private equity and state subsidy might be developed.

The Forum runs Wednesday 11 December in Brisbane. Registration closes today. Register here.

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