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AR apps challenge traditional Parks Week entertainment

An augmented reality mobile app by New Zealand start up Geo AR Games has launched into 200 parks across Australasia this morning.

Magical Park is an app available on iOS and android devices, which creates augmented reality worlds for kids to explore in their local park spaces.

“Kids can see life-sized dinosaurs and explore worlds filled with fairies and dragons”, says CEO Mel Langlotz. “Just in time for Parks Week Australasia, we have launched a brand new world of aliens, where kids have to run around saving native species before the Muncher Monster gets them.”

Magical Park launched in New Zealand in August last year, and has seen rapid adoption in the lead up to Parks Week.  Parks Week runs from 4-12 March, when councils and other organisations on both sides of the Tasman run engaging events to raise awareness on the value of parks and open spaces, and to get people out of their living rooms and enjoying the outdoors.

“Parks Week has provided a fantastic opportunity for councils and local boards to introduce a brand new technology to their communities.  We have had phenomenal support for what we’re doing, getting kids off the couch and active outside by harnessing modern technology” says Langlotz.

“Augmented Reality is the future of technology, but the exciting thing is we don’t have to wait – kids can enjoy the technology of tomorrow, right now in their local park”.

You can download Magical Park for your iOS or Android device by searching for “Magical Park” on the App Store or Google Play Store.  Park locations are restricted to areas sponsored for their community by local council.  To request a park in your area, post a message on our facebook page

For more information see parks-week.org or Geo AR Games

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