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Art Department of NZ gets social

Art Department of New Zealand is a new Facebook group which aims to be a forum for art department workers in the New Zealand screen arts sector. 

Wondering where to find a thing-a-me-bob? Does anyone know how to de-frazzle a wot-sit? Is anyone available to assist tomorrow in a wetsuit in a giant tub of chocolate? People are also free to share art department related news, odd requests or questions, to be answered by the community.

There are similar art department only pages overseas, but if you want to have local help from others, there is nowhere specifically for art department people in New Zealand to go to.  

Sometimes we can end up feeling quite isolated in the work we do, so hopefully this group page will bring people together. 

Here are a few reactions from my own Facebook page when I suggested this:

“…great initiative Dion. Could be a good platform for the ongoing issue of “what to do with this prop/thing/set piece now too” (Ash Turner)

“Love this idea….”  (Elisabeth Easther)

“Great idea!” (Henric Matthiesen)

“Do it!” (Graeme Tuckett)
Here is the link to the new Art Department of New Zealand group. facebook.com/groups/265843837126326/. Feel free to share it around.

Basically anyone who works in the art department is welcome to join.  Its totally free, just search for “Art Department of New Zealand” under “groups” on Facebook.