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Asian Cinema Fund 2014 Selections

Asian Cinema Fund, Busan, Korea, 30 June 2014: 29 Projects Selected – 18 Asian Projects, 11 Korean Projects

The Asian Cinema Fund (ACF), a unified body of production support programs for the worldwide development and promotion of Asian films, announced its 2014 selection of 29 projects.


A total of 565 projects, an approx. 30% increase from last year’s, were submitted across the three categories of ACF – Script Development Fund, Post-Production Fund, and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund. Asian filmmakers from 52 countries, including Japan, Singapore, and Nepal, showed a great interest in ACF and submitted their projects. Participation from India (161 projects) and China (50 projects) continue to show an increase.



ACF 2014 Script Development Fund

(8 projects: 5 from Asia, 3 from Korea)

Category Project Director Country
Script Development Fund Asia Diamond Island Davy CHOU Cambodia, France
Hair of the Dog that Bit You Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA Sri Lanka
Learning to Build a Fire Hannah ESPIA Philippines
One of Us TAN Chui Mui Malaysia
A Wrong Season Carlo F. MANATAD Philippines
Korea The Days Not Yet Come SIN Yiee Soo Korea
Haenyeo O Muel Korea
Twenty Years Old PARK Riwoong Korea

* Projects in alphabetical order

** A Wrong Season is an Asian Film Academy (AFA) project. Its grant, as an AFA project, is funded by Showbox/Mediaplex,Inc. Showbox/Mediaplex,Inc. is a multi-integrated Korean motion picture studio, and a leader in Korean film investment and distribution.


From a high number of submitted projects, 5 Asian projects and 3 Korean projects were selected for the Script Development Fund. 8 selected projects will each receive a cash grant of KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD10,000).



ACF 2014 Post-Production Fund

(7 projects: 4 from Asia, 3 from Korea)

Category Project Director Country
Post-Production Fund Asia A Corner of Heaven ZHANG Miaoyan China, France
The Inseminator BUI Kim Quy Vietnam
Jalal’s Story Abu Shahed EMON Bangladesh
So Be It Kongdej JATURANRASMEE Thailand
Korea A Matter of Interpretation LEE Kwangkuk Korea
Shadow Island SON Seungung Korea
Wild Flowers PARK Sukyoung Korea

* Projects in alphabetical order

** A Corner of Heaven is an Asian Project Market (APM) 2012 project. APM of the Busan International Film Festival is a market for film projects from all over the world and annually selects 30 new promising titles.


The Post-Production Fund is becoming known for its discovery of new directors, including LEE Yubin whose film Shuttlecock (2013) was well received. This year, 4 Asian projects and 3 Korean projects were selected for the Post-Production Fund. The selected projects will receive post-production services such as DI, Final Mixing, and DCP from quality Korean studios. Two Korean companies, The Color (DI), and PLUSGAIN (Sound Mixing), joined the ACT program this year and will contribute. A Chinese post-production company, Forestt Studio, also joined this year, and will be working with a Chinese project, A Corner of Heaven, in China.


Along with the recent additions, the post-production companies involved are KOFIC (Korean Film Council), CJ Powercast, Digital Studio21, Sebang Digital Lab. Ltd., Studio SH, and Wavelab STD.



ACF 2014 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

(14 projects: 9 from Asia, 5 from Korea)

Category Project Director Country
Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund Asia Dust ZHAO Liang China
Fatima Mary JIRMANUS SABA Lebanon
Like Ants for Sugar Shirley ABRAHAM India
Liu’s Rhapsody LI Xiaofeng, JIA Kai China
Nick and Chai Wena SANCHEZ, Cha ESCALA Philippines
The Priestess Walks Alone HUANG Hui-zhen Taiwan
Proposition for a Revolution Khushboo RANKA, Vinay SHUKLA India
Railway Sleepers Sompot CHIDGASORNPONGSE Thailand
Weaving WANG Yang China
Korea The Children in Blue JUN Sangjin Korea
Late Bloomer JANG Hee Sun Korea
Military Play PARK Kyung Kun Korea
Stains of Star KIM Sung-min Korea
Perfect World HAN Young Hee Korea

* Projects in alphabetical order


Much like previous years, projects by talented directors have been selected for the AND Fund. The 14 selected AND projects will each receive a cash grant between KRW 5,000,000 and 20,000,000 (approx. USD 5,000 – 20,000). The AND Fund is supported by Youngsan University, Dongseo University, Pusan National University, Dong-Eui University, Busan Bank, BIFF Mecenat, and Supporters of BIFF.


AND Fund Asian Projects Cash Grant

– KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD 10,000, 3 projects): Liu’s Rhapsody (China), The Priestess Walks Alone (Taiwan), Proposition for a Revolution (India)

– KRW 5,000,000 (approx. USD 5,000, 6 projects): Dust (China), Fatima (Lebanon), Like Ants for Sugar (India), Nick and Chai (Philippines), Railway Sleepers (Thailand), Weaving (China)


AND Fund Korean Projects Cash Grant

– KRW 20,000,000 (approx. USD 20,000, 1 project): Stains of Star

– KRW 15,000,000 (approx. USD 15,000, 1 project): The Children in Blue

– KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD 10,000, 3 projects): Late Bloomer, Military Play, Perfect World