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Asian TV Awards names nominees

NHNZ has two nominations at this year’s Asian Television Awards (ATA) in a line-up that’s offered far fewer nominations than usual for NZ companies, friends and relations.

NHNZ’s two nominations (series 2 of Our Big Blue Backyard and Smart China) compete with one another in the same category. Our Big Blue Backyard is also a finalist here at the NZ TV Awards the same day the ATAs run.

In Singapore Smart China and Our Big Blue Backyard compete in a field which also includes NHNZ’s Singapore-based sister company, Beach House Pictures. BHP is nominated for Frontier Borneo, and also has two nominations in other categories for its Otter Town.

The three nominations represent slim pickings for Beach House Pictures, which has on a number of occasions been the ATAs’ most-nominated production company – including last year with 10 nominations.

In the Current Affairs categories, expat Sarah Macdonald’s MAKE Productions has a single nomination for Kidnapped. Last year, the company achieved seven nominations.

All up, from a field of 1350 entries, 267 nominees from 19 countries will compete across 42 categories. ATA host Singapore is the most-nominated country with 101 of those 267 nominations.

The Asian TV Awards run 30 November and 1 December in Singapore.