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Attitude gets In My Mind

Today’s woman is sold on the idea; you can have it all. But this has transformed into an expectation; you must do it all. These unhealthy expectations are driving an anxiety epidemic explored in this new series from Attitude In My Mind premiering Sunday 16th July on TVNZ 1.
With technologically becoming increasingly sophisticated, our lives should be getting easier, but this is not the case. Some are addicted to social media, and while more connected, they feel more isolated than ever.  Women are feeling pressure to look thin and eat ‘clean’, while new mums feel plain exhausted as they try to be superwoman, but make it look #effortless. Women are having fewer children, later in life, but with divorce rates increasing, more are managing solo. Antidepressant use has doubled in developed countries over the last 10 years, and female suicide rates are rising. Success comes at a cost; many women burnout early in their careers. 
Via raw and honest interviews with New Zealand and Australian women of all ages, alongside expert opinion, this four-part series delves into stress, anxiety and mental health. Directed by four Kiwi female directors, each episode focuses on a different catalyst including social media addiction, the challenges of motherhood, body image and burnout as well as techniques to live in these increasingly challenging times.  

In My Mind: A series about women’s mental health


Social Obsession – July 16th:  We’re more connected than ever…always at the beck and call of our smart phones. However, despite being constantly online, we’re feeling isolated and anxious.  This episode explores why social media is so addictive and what it’s doing to our mental health.    
Motherhood: – July 23rd: Motherhood is meant to be one of life’s fulfilling experiences, so why are mums such a mess?  This episode reveals how prolonged sleep deprivation has a negative, lasting effect on our brains, and why being a mum today is harder than ever.

Body: – July 30th: The pressure on women to be thin is everywhere.  While environmental and genetic factors cause obesity, society blames the individual for being lazy and greedy.  We look at the effects body pressure has on women, and why it must stop. 

Burnout: – August 6th: Burnout is referred to as the overachiever’s syndrome and it’s becoming increasingly common.  Doctors are seeing more and more young women anxious, depressed and suffering adrenal fatigue… we find out why.

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