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Aussies out for blood

Anybody still up for competing with the Aussies after the weekend’s events can have a crack at a new addition to Sydney’s A Night of Horror festival programme.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

Sydney’s horror festival, where Guy Pigden’s I Survived a Zombie Holocaust picked up the Independent Spirit gong late last year, has opened a competition for shorts to form part of a horror anthology feature. Sounds familiar?

For the Aussie festival, the main two criteria are that the film is short and that it contains the signature theme: blood.

The competition is a joint venture between the festival and producer Enzo Tedeschi’s recently-announced Deadhouse Films. Tedeschi (The Tunnel, Event Zero, Airlock) said, “I’ve been a regular at the festival for years now, and I’m excited to be a part of this unique next stage of evolution for A Night Of Horror.”

The proposal is for the anthology to become an annual fixture around the event, with filmmakers whose titles are selected sharing in the revenue generated. Tedeschi’s Deadhouse will distribute, with the titles carrying the Night of Horror brand. The anthology will premiere at the 2015 A Night of Horror Festival.

Submission dates range from 30 April to 31 August. A Night of Horror dates are yet to be announced (ANOH ran mid-November last year).

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