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Aussies to stream from Deadhouse

Australian producer Enzo Tedeschi (The Tunnel) is launching an online distribution platform, Deadhouse, specialising in genre fare.



According to the release, Deadhouse Films will be “a production and distribution destination for horror, science-fiction and thriller movies”.

Tedeschi’s production company, Distracted Media, will provide the first release, Marc Furmie’s Airlock, a three-part sci-fi web series made with Screen Australia support. Distracted is the producer of Furmie’s previous web series Event Zero.

Deadhouse will offer content via rental and purchase options. Tedeschi intends Deadhouse “to connect the many great Australian genre films out there with a dedicated and established audience”.

Australian genre titles struggle with theatrical releases at home. Last year’s Wolf Creek 2 and Jennifer Kent’s much-awarded Babadook both performed poorly during their theatrical runs. A similar fate befell Gerard Johnstone’s much-praised Housebound here, although Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows performed well – albeit with the support of massive and massively innovative social media campaigns.

Deadhouse Films will launch on an unspecified date before end June, according to Tedeschi.