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The Beggar’s Banquet: 10 December 2014

Welcome to the weekly round-up of people and projects that would appreciate a hand.


Projects are listed by closing date

This is the final edition of The Beggar’s Banquet for 2014. The first edition of 2015 will appear 14 January.

New this week … short film The Bones of Things, closing 5 January, and game Spectrum, closing the following day.

Today – Wednesday 10 December

The Concerto


Friday 12 December



Wednesday 17 December

The Characteristics of C Minor

DOCUMENTARY The Characteristics of C Minor

Thursday 18 December

'82 And All That

DOCUMENTARY ’82 And All That

Monday 22 December



Monday 5 January


SHORT FILM The Bones of Things

Tuesday 6 January


GAME Spectrum

Without a Deadline

Also seeking help, this time with compositing is Dimi Nakov’s sci-fi thriller ARA. Here’s the recently-released [C.O.M.A CORP. TEASER].

* * *

Don’t assume a project appearing here
carries the screeNZ seal of approval,
because we don’t have one.
Satisfy yourself everything’s on the level
before contributing your time or money.

* * *

Need help? Maybe screeNZ can help you find it at The Beggar’s Banquet.

Just take a squint at the small print and then send us the info.


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