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Beggars Banquet: 6 December 2017

Welcome to the Beggar’s Banquet, where screen projects seeking a helping hand are welcome. Projects seeking support are listed by closing date.

WEB SERIES: Immi the Vegan

11 December

GAME: Hide’n’Hunt

13 December

WEB SERIES: Tragicomic

14 December

DOCUMENTARY: Ending Violence

SHORT FILM: Cupid’s Awakening

15 December

SHORT FILM: Ending Violence

17 December

FEATURE: After the End

23 December

SHORT FILM: Stuntman

1 February

GAME: Adventure Game

1 March

SHORT FILM: From Within The Flames





The Candle Wasters

Flat 3 Productions

Flat 3 Productions

White Man Behind A Desk