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Billing protests Equity shift

Actors Equity NZ’s parent union, the Australian MEAA, is suffering a bit of internal strife after having shifted Sue McCreadie out of her post as head of the union and replaced her with Zoe Angus.

McCreadie, one of the MEAA negotiators in the recently agreed Individual Performance Agreement and Backend Agreement, replacements for the Pink Book here in NZ, has been moved into the position of Director of Policy and Communications. She became Equity’s Director in March 2012 during the protracted negotiations with SPADA, after Simon Whipp managed to throw both his toys and himself out of the cot.

Ex-pat Agent Anna actor Roy Billing, who’s repped on this side of the ditch by Johnson & Laird, has resigned from Australian Equity’s National Performers Committee in protest at McCreadie’s removal, claiming a lack of transparency in the union’s handling of the matter and concerns about the union’s approach going forward.

Roy Billings

Roy Billing spies something awry

In an Inside Film article, Billing praised McCreadie’s negotiating style as being “conciliatory and consultative” in contrast with the union’s previous “combative” approach.

MEAA is currently negotiating a new Motion Picture Production Agreement with Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and a new Australian Television Repeats and Residuals Agreement.

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