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Blind Massage gallops off with Golden Horses

Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards were presented Saturday night, with Lou Ye’s Blind Massage departing with six gongs from its seven nominations including the headline Best Film award.

Blind Massage also took the gongs for Cinematography, Editing, New Performer, Adapted Screenplay and Sound Effects.

Blind Massage

Diao Yinan’s Berlinale winner, Black Coal, Thin Ice, which began the evening with eight nods, left empty-handed.

Ann Hui was a surprise winner of the Director gong for her biopic of Chinese writer Xiao Hong, The Golden Era, which played here last month in Event’s Cinema Asia programme.

Although the Golden Horse awards are open to all Chinese language films, the local Taiwanese had a good night.

Umin Boya’s Kano went into the Saturday ceremony with two gongs already under its belt, having been announced the winner of both the FIPRESCI prize and the Audience Award at an event Friday. The latter gong was the second time Kano had collected an Audience Award in Taipei, having also won one at the Taipei Film Festival in July.

On Saturday the baseball-themed film was subjected to a bout of interpretative dance in the ceremony’s opening number which pretty much proved the kiss of death as Kano won no new awards during the evening.


Also buoying the home crowd, Doze Niu’s Paradise In Service took both Supporting Actor gongs. The producer of both titles, Jimmy Huang, was named the winner of the non-juried Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year award.

Not content with his Best Supporting Actor win for Paradise In Service, Chen Bian-Jin also took away the Best Actor award for A Fool. Chen Shiang Chyi’s win for Exit in the Best Actress category (against much higher-profile opponents) completed a clean sweep of the acting gongs for Taiwanese talent and titles.

The 2014 Golden Horse Film Award winners were (marked ***):

Best Feature Film
A Fool
Black Coal, Thin Ice
The Golden Era

*** Blind Massage

Best Animation Feature
(No nominees)

Best Documentary
*** Cotton
The Walkers
The Last Moose Of Aoluguya

Best Short Film
The Free Man

*** The Hammer And Sickle Are Sleeping
The Great Buddha

Best Director
Midi Z, Ice Poison
Diao Yinan, Black Coal, Thin Ice
*** Ann Hui, The Golden Era
Wang Xiaoshuai, Red Amnesia
Lou Ye, Blind Massage

Best Leading Actor
*** Chen Jian-Bin, A Fool
Sean Lau, The White Storm
Liao Fan, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Masatoshi Nagase, Kano
Chang Chen, Brotherhood of Blades

Best Leading Actress
*** Chen Shiang Chyi, Exit
Gwei Lun-Mei, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Gong Li, Coming Home
Tang Wei, The Golden Era
Zhao Wei, Dearest

Best Supporting Actor
Wang Xue Bing, A Fool
Ng Man Tat, Aberdeen
*** Chen Jian-Bin, Paradise In Service
Leon Dai, (Sex) Appeal
Jin Shi Jie, Brotherhood of Blades

Best Supporting Actress
Hao Lei, The Golden Era
Paw Hee Ching, Insanity
Lang, Tsu–Yun, Sweet Alibis
Chen Yi-Han, Paradise In Service
*** Wan Qian, Paradise In Service

Best New Director
*** Chen Jian-Bin, A Fool
Chienn Hsiang, Exit
Xin Yu-Kun, The Coffin in the Mountain
Umin Boya, Kano
Li Xiaofeng, Nezha

Best New Performer
Ann Hsu, Design 7 Love
Zhang Huiwen, Coming Home
*** Zhang Lei, Blind Massage
Tsao Yu-Ning, Kano
Matthew Wei Han-Ting, Meeting Dr. Sun

Best Original Screenplay
Xin Yu-Kun, Feng Yuanliang, The Coffin in the Mountain
Diao Yinan, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Li Qiang, The Golden Era
Wang Xiaoshuai, Fang Lei, Li Fei, Red Amnesia
*** Yee Chih-Yen, Meeting Dr. Sun

Best Adapted Screenplay
Chen Jian-Bin (A Fool)
Chan Fai-Hung, Kong Ho-Yan, Fruit Chan, The Midnight After
Zou Jingzhi, Coming Home
*** Ma Yingli, Blind Massage
Li Xiaofeng, Wangmu, Pan Yu, Nezha

Best Cinematography
Dong Jinsong, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Du Jie, No Man’s Land
*** Zeng Jian, Blind Massage
Mark Lee Ping Bing, (Sex) Appeal
Zhang Ji, North By Northeast

Best Visual Effects
Hi-Organic Motion Graphic Studio, Design 7 Love
Ng Yuen-Fai, Chas Chau Chi-Shing, Tam Kai-Kwan, The White Storm
*** Tong Ka-Wai, Ken Law, Lucky Tracy Hannah, The Midnight After
Wook Kim, Park Young Soo, Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
Henri Wong, Hugo Kwan, Walter Wong, As The Light Goes Out

Best Art Direction
Kenneth Mak, Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
*** Liu Qiang, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Fu Yingzhang, Uncle Victory
Hao Yi, No Man’s Land
Huang Mei Ching, Paradise In Service

Best Makeup & Costume Design
Bruce Yu, Lee Pik-Kwan, Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
Hao Yi, No Man’s Land
Amanda Deng, Lin Xin-Yi, Tu Mei-Ling, Kano
Fang Chi Luen, Li-Wen Hsu, Chia-Lin Kao, Paradise In Service
*** Liang Tingting, Brotherhood of Blades

Best Action Choreography
Li Chung Chi, The White Storm
Yuen Bun, Lin Feng, Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
*** Jack Wong, As The Light Goes Out
Donnie Yen, Stephen Tung Wai, Yuen Bun, Yan Hua, Kung Fu Jungle
Lin Sang, Brotherhood of Blades

Original Music Award For Best Film
Owen Wang, Annie Lo, Nieh Lin Chieh, The Twelve Nights
Kawai Kenji, Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
*** Qigang Chen, Coming Home
Nathan Wang, Dong Dongdong, Jiang Yongjun, No Man’s Land
He Miaoshu, North By Northeast

Best Original Film Song Award
Heart Shines For A Lifetime, from The White Storm
Lyrics Rubberband, Tim Lui; Composer, Rubberband; Performer, Rubberband
Destination, from Aberdeen
Lyrics, Wyman Wong; Composers, Jason Choi, Anthony Wong; Performer, Anthony Wong
Mr. Bird, from KANO
Lyrics, Umin Boya; Composer, Suming.Rupi; Performer, The Cast
Happiness, from (Sex) Appeal
Lyrics, Wawa; Composer, David Tao; Performer, David Tao
*** The Road We Pass, from The Continent
Lyrics, Pu Shu, Han Han; Composer, Pu Shu; Performer : Pu Shu

Best Film Editing
Yau Chi Wai (H.K.S.E.), The White Storm
Yang Hongyu, Black Coal, Thin Ice
Du Yuan, No Man’s Land
*** Kong Jinlei, Jolin Zhu, Blind Massage
Zhu Li Yun, Tu Yi Ran, Brotherhood of Blades

Best Sound Effects
Kinson Tsang, Yiu Chun-Hin, Chow Yuk-Lun, The White Storm
Tao Jing, Coming Home
Fu Kang, Red Amnesia
*** Fu Kang, Blind Massage
Tu Duu-Chih, Paradise In Service

Lifetime Achievement Award
Tian Feng

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker Of The Year
Jimmy Huang



Audience Award

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