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And the bloody winner is …

Make My Horror Movie has announced Jason Lei Howden`s Deathgasm (“Evil is Coming”) as the winner of the $200,000 budget from the MPI Media USA.

The winner beat off over 400 other entries, the last other competitors standing being Beatrice Hunter & Kacie Stetson`s Mother`s Milk and Eldon Booth`s They All Come Running.

The outline, two slackers accidentally summon a demon and then have to stop the world going to hell in a handcart, may not be the most original. According to the MMHM pitch, “With some of the most inventive and shocking gore ever captured, DEATHGASM will gush bodily fluids, rain limbs and tickle your funny bone, before tearing it out and giving you a stiff beating with it.”

Producers and EPs are excited by the idea, and noted it had been a front-runner from early in the game. Deathgasm is expected to go into production before the middle of the year and to be completed by year`s end.

Howden`s last NZFC-supported project, 2011 Fresh 30 short The Light Harvester, is just about complete.

Howden has worked for a number of NZ and Australian post and VFX houses, and did some of the Light Harvester post at Park Road. In the last few years, he’s worked on the first two Hobbit titles, The Wolverine, The Great Gatsby, Man of Steel,
The Avengers, Prometheus, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away
and TV shows Spartacus and The Wot Wots. Without any gore in the last instance.

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