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BOP Film host filmmaking challenge

BOP Film, Tauranga, 25 May 2016: BOP Film are planning a 48 Hour Practice Film Festival challenge for the weekend of the 11th/12th June 2016. Groups will be encouraged to create short films, which will then be submitted to the Envirohub Sustainable Film Challenge.

In keeping with the Envirohub challenge, the short films with a maximum duration of 2 minutes will be required to have a theme of sustainability. As well as this, the key ingredients that also make it a 48 Hour Practice Film Festival challenge will be issued to teams at 7.00pm on Friday 10th June. These ingredients are a prop and a line of text or dialogue which must be included in the final edited film.

The 48 Hour challenge will be based at The Incubator at Tauranga’s Historic Village in 17th Ave, beginning on Friday night 10th June at 7pm and finishing on Sunday 12th June at 5pm. All films will be submitted by USB stick to the BOP Film festival organisers who will in turn submit them to the Envirohub Sustainable Film Challenge.

The purpose of this event is for BOP Film to encourage teams of writers, directors, actors and film makers to practise for the annual national 48 Hour Film Festival, under a similar “pressure cooker” environment that is characteristic of that challenge.

BOP Film, the creation of which was driven by Anton Steel, Tanya Horo, and Tessa Blackett, launched on 4 May 2016 at the Tauranga Gallery with guest speaker Sir Bob Harvey. Steel wrote and directed the award winning 2014 independent feature shot in the region, The Z-Nail Gang. He was Associate Producer on The Insatiable Moon as well as being an Assistant Director on several international productions including Yogi Bear, Bridge to Terabithia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2. Horo has featured in the long-running TVC campaigns as the face of House of Travel and last September she launched the agency Bay of Plenty Actors in Tauranga. Blackett, from Homespun Productions at Mount Maunganui, is a camera operator and editor with over 13 years experience in the industry in a variety of roles, mostly in non-fiction or documentary genres.

Currently BOP Film have four teams for the 48 Hour Practice Film Festival and are inviting any interested members of the public to form their own team and join in. There is no charge for being involved, and to register contact Tanya at BOP Film by 8th June, 2016 on [email protected]

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