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All over the box

Scotland hosts the annual talkfest, the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Here’s a round-up of the coverage so far.

Earlier in the week The Independent’s Ian Burrell laid out the stall ahead of the event’s opening.

The centrepiece of the event is the James McTaggart lecture, usually delivered by a luminary of the industry who’s prepared to make some bold statements. This time it was the turn of Channel 4’s David Abrahams. The whole speech is here.

Reaction and interpretation is here from The Telegraph and here from The Guardian. Given those publications’ respective political leanings, they’re surprisingly united in their commentary.

Ironically, in this interview with WorldScreen, Sky Vision’s Jane Millichip confirms plans that are at the heart of Abrahams’ fears for the independence of British TV.

The BBC’s Danny Cohen mused on the idea of making Dr Who a woman, while also announcing the commissioning of the Beeb’s first transgender sitcom.

Dr Who

The latest, and still male, Dr Who, Peter Capaldi

For lovers of US TV, Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin complains about selfies and HBO’s director of programming Michael Lombardo cheered up True Detective fans without saying anything of substance about season 2.

The Guardian is the major sponsor of The Edinburgh International Television Festival. EITF runs 21 – 23 August.