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Box Office: week to 29 April 2015

Truth, justice, the American way and a lot of popcorn fuel a second outing for the lycra-lovers as it sets off to hunt down the Fast & Furious earnings total.

Age of Ultron

The Avengers 2: back to save the world, this time from interpretative dance

Age of Ultron has the third best opening week ever on NZ screens. Off its first week earnings, it’s become the second highest-grossing title this year.

A third of the year gone and Kiwi titles remain conspicuous by their absence, but there’s only another week to wait before Chris Pryor & Miriam Smith’s The Ground We Won pulls on its boots. The Anzac-themed re-release of Gallipoli takes a sub-$300 screen average, but isn’t even close to being the worst performer in that respect. That honour is reserved for the grand total of $16 taken by Supermensch: the Legend of Shep Gordon.


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