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Brand Developers NZ upgrades

Brand Developers, Sydney, 26 February 2015: Brand Developers is Australasia’s leading direct response television company specialising in product development, infomercial shopping and multi-channel retail distribution.

Operating from offices in Auckland and Melbourne, Brand Developers pushes the boundaries of traditional home based TV shopping. In 2013 Brand Developers purchased The Shopping Channel, New Zealand’s first home shopping channel broadcasting on both free-to-view (Freeview New Zealand) and SKY TV New Zealand. As Brand Developers are known for their forward thinking approach to technology they decided to upgrade the Shopping Channel from a PC based playout system to a full channel in a box solution to give them a wider feature set and enhanced graphical branding. The solution they chose was a Pebble Beach Systems Dolphin and Marina combined channel in a box supplied and installed by Magna Systems and Engineering.

As Brand Developers are continually expanding their product range and market reach their initial requirement was for a versatile playout & branding system that would cover two NZ channels with ability to expand the system as new target markets were added. Each programme stream required individually customised graphics and audio content. Playout of video content needed to be fully automated and scheduled up to a week in advance of transmission, so nothing short of a very robust and reliable automation system would suffice. The company also required the generation of suitably branded video content for distribution into the Australian market.
After discussions with Magna Systems and Engineering it became evident that the best, most suitable solution would be Pebble Beach Systems robust transmission platform Dolphin combined with the proven automation capabilities of Pebble Beach Systems Marina as this combined solution has a wide expansion capability of up to four channels in one 2RU Dolphin server.

Magna Systems and Engineering in close collaboration with Pebble Beach Systems devised a very versatile and reliable automation playout solution that met Brand Developers’ immediate requirements and also allowed for future expansion.
As a result Brand Developers initially purchased a Pebble Beach Systems combined Dolphin Marina package with two separate transmission channels plus a compile channel for the generation of material for distribution to Australia. Playlist generation was provided by an additional and dedicated preparation list. Soon after the initial installation Brand Developers expanded the system with an additional transmission channel to enable them to playout directly into the Australian free-to air market via Spree TV.

Magna Systems assisted in the initial configuration and testing of the system at the Pebble Beach Systems factory in the UK. Once the equipment arrived in New Zealand it was set up and tested at the Magna Systems offices prior to delivery and installation at the Brand Developers premises in Takapuna, North Auckland.

Currently the Brand Developers’ Dolphin playout server is fully controlled by its Marina automation with the Marina rundown schedule also controlling the video, audio and graphic content that plays from Dolphin. Media content is transferred into the Dolphin storage via an FTP file transfer process.
About Magna Systems and Engineering
Started in 1968, Magna Systems & Engineering is a seasoned company, originating from the early days of television in Australia bringing together high-level expertise from senior engineering professionals. The company has a very select position in the marketplace of suppliers to the broadcast & communications industry.
Magna Systems & Engineering supplies individual products to plug into existing systems from a prestige range of over 50 quality brands and operates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia with a common philosophy for all entities “a company big on experience but with the attention to detail of a specialist operation.”
The engineering and operation expertise of Magna Systems & Engineering extends to broadcasting, telecommunications, satellite earth stations, post-production facilities and station automation. Magna Systems & Engineering also provides complete service support for all hardware and software products supplied either as one-off or complete turnkey systems.