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Broken Hallelujah released nationwide

Little Red Hen, Auckland, 15 October 2014: Inspired by a true story about love, the power of friendships and the complications of families.

The inspiration for the film is based on true events. The use of multiple
character driven stories was influenced by ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen.

The characters and their relationships loosely reflect elements and themes of the song. The film touches on the dreams and desires of the characters and their motivation for some of the things they do and the decisions they make.

The characters are a diverse mix of ethnicities and ages because the theme of the film is a universal one. The characters are honest and the choice of cast was based on actors who were able to bring a sense of everyday people to the story. The film creates a feeling of looking through windows into people’s lives, allowing the narrative to unfold gradually as the various story lines develop and interweave.

The story is not afraid to address some uncomfortable subjects but it is approached in a way that makes it real and in the arena of the ordinary so that people do not feel assaulted by the ideas but rather able to see the world from another person’s view point

Sometimes when you hold up a mirror you see things differently, you notice things you hadn’t seen before. That’s what we hope to do as filmmakers, we give people a chance to feel something that they perhaps have not considered or experienced before giving them a new perspective on life.

As in Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” the film leaves us in the end with the notion that life, although rarely perfect, is something worth living.

“Compelling and unique story-telling with a decidedly Kiwi flavour,” Liam Fennel editor of Verve Magazine.

“This film is a must see! Truly great performances.” Australasian distributor, Barrie Barmes of Revolution Entertainment.

“Watching Broken Hallelujah you swirl around the whirlpool that is love, finding yourself in and out of it as you cling to each character in turn. There is something for everyone because, as the film develops, you see different aspects of yourself onscreen. Here is a family drama where you feel part of the family” David Howard Burns Fellow 2013.

Broken Hallelujah includes some well-known and talented Kiwi actors including Ben Mitchell, (Outrageous Fortune series one, Shortland Street and The Hobbit); Matthew Chamberlain (In My Father’s Den, Insatiable Moon, Hook line and Sinker and Shortland Street); Vanessa Riddell (In My Fathers Den and Super City 2); and Greg Smith (Mt Zion and Help).

Broken Hallelujah is Director, Alastair Riddell’s debut feature film. The film has received entry to an American film festival White Sands and distribution in Australia. Alastair has a second feature film Cowboy currently in post-production.

Alastair is a singer/songwriter and professional musician. He is best known for his band Space Waltz.
Vanessa Riddell, wrote and produced Broken Hallelujah and also stars in the film as the lead female role.

Sponsored by Red Carpet NZ, Broken Hallelujah’s premiere will take place at The Vic in Devonport on Saturday 11th October, 6pm. Released through Rialto Cinemas on October 16th with a Q & A on October 17th. The film will screen at over twenty boutique cinemas around the country from October 16, 2014.

To view the Broken Hallelujah trailer:
https://vimeo.com/user4683142 link to short trailer
https://vimeo.com/100842380 link to long trailer
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