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Brotherhood seeks European support

David Gould’s in development feature Brotherhood has booked a place at this year’s Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum (EMCF) in Lecce, Italy.

The Forum ranks submissions, inviting the highest-scoring 20 to attend. Brotherhood is off to a good start, having placed second of the 135 projects submitted for this year’s edition. The film is about an ancient brotherhood of knights and a group of modern assassins.

Although the Forum operates in the way of most project markets, aiming to match project producers with investors, it doesn’t target projects at an early stage of development. One of the application criteria is that a project must already have 30% of its finance in place to be considered.

Gould has two thirds of the finance committed for Brotherhood, which no doubt helped the project score well in the Forum’s feasibility assessment category. As well as seeking the final third of budget from European investors, Gould hopes to confirm the film as an official NZ-Italy co-production – thereby opening one or two doors marked “soft money”.

Gould’s debut feature The Cure, led by Antonia Prebble, enjoyed festival outings and a limited theatrical release here last year.

The Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum is run by the Apulia Film Commission, one of the more active regional film offices in Italy. In addition to attracting productions to the area, the RFO runs a number of programmes targeting in-development productions. In the last couple of years the region has hosted the shoots for British musical Walking On Sunshine, Matteo Garrone’s Cannes-premiered Tale of Tales and Ericson Core’s upcoming remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 Point Break.

The Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum runs 1 – 3 October in Lecce, Italy.

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