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BSS to roll in bucks and bytes

Producers Matthew Metcalfe, Kerry Warkia and Julia Parnell will contribute to two sessions announced for this year’s Big Screen Symposium.

Metcalfe will present a financing masterclass on the who, what, where, when and why of putting together the bank balance that enables a feature production to go ahead. He’ll use examples from his own back catalogue, which includes a selection of international co-productions.

Metcalfe currently has Leanne Pooley’s 25 April in production, Dror Shaul’s Atomic Falafel in post and will present the world premiere of Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands later this week in Toronto. Last year he also took the previous films from both NZ directors, Beyond the Edge and Giselle, to Toronto.

In recent years he’s also produced Fraser’s Dean Spanley, Paul Murphy’s Love Birds and a bunch of NZ-shot German telefeatures.

Warkia and Parnell contribute to a panel session, alongside Jessica Hansell and NZ On Air’s Brenda Leeuwenberg, discussing “the joys and challenges of creating, producing and sharing compelling online content”.

Leeuwenberg has a long history with NZ On Air, dating back to creating the funder’s first website in 1996. More recently she oversaw the development and creation of NZ On Screen and has been instrumental in growing NZ On Air’s Digital Media initiatives including its funding strands – which have supported work by all the other panel members.

Warkia has produced the very successful webseries Auckland Daze, Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life and Flat3.

Parnell has produced several shorts, including Aidee Walker’s Friday Tigers, Matthew Saville’s Dive and Hitch Hike, and Jack Woon’s Rising Dust. She also established Loading Docs, which launched earlier this year. Her Drug Court screens tonight (Monday) as part of MTS’ Pakipūmeka doco season.

Hansell was recently named one of two writers invited into the Piki gang, and will spend part of this month working with them on her first feature script. Previously she’s created – either as Hansell or Coco Solid – web series Hook Ups, publications This Is Not A Comic and Philosoflygirl and a lot of music.

The Big Screen Symposium runs 27 – 28 September in Auckland.