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Celebrate Halloween with What We Do In The Shadows

As the clock strikes midnight this Halloween, the critically acclaimed and award-winning film, What We Do In The Shadows, will be available for Kiwi fans to download.

It’s an innovative step by filmmakers Taika Waititi (Eagle vs Shark; Boy) and Jemaine Clement (Eagle vs Shark; Flight of the Conchords) to allow their followers to get their hands on the vampire mockumentary.

Director Taika Waititi says the ongoing relationship with the fans of What We Do In The Shadows has been amazing. “What better time than Hallows Eve to celebrate with our vampire friends and allow fans to get in on the action. Also, it just sounds better than ‘Available on International Buy Nothing Day’.”

As well as co-writing and directing, Waititi and Clement star in the film as vampire flatmates Viago and Vladislav. Waititi says: “By providing the digital version of the film for download, we are able to stay in touch with our followers and keep them up to date with what our vamps are up to. It gives us a chance to offer something new and share some of the great, unseen extras immediately. This platform also allows our audience to buy directly from the film makers, which is better for the

What We Do in The Shadows is currently the highest-grossing New Zealand film for 2014. It has enjoyed success on the international film festival circuit after premiering at Sundance and screening in the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year. It recently won the People’s Choice Award in the Midnight Madness category at the Toronto Film Festival.

David White, founder and chief executive of digital distributor IndieReign who are providing the platform required, says the company is excited to be working with such a successful Kiwi film: “Our Video On Demand technology is purpose built for the digital release of titles like What We Do In The Shadows, and provides Taika and the crew the ability to establish an ongoing relationship with their audience.”

Kiwi fans will be able to rent or purchase the film, including interviews, deleted scenes and video extras, at buymovie.whatwedointheshadows.com on Friday 31 October, at midnight.

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