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Censor warms to Embrace

The New Zealand Classification Office has classified NZIFF title Embrace as ‘M’, which allows anybody to see the film.

The festival was temporarily disadvantaged when the Australian censor rated the film MA15+, requiring the festival to restrict ticket sales to people 18+ until a NZ certification was obtained.

NZ censors are generally more relaxed about nudity than Australian censors. As Embrace is about body image, some nakedness is inevitable.

Granting the film a ‘M’ rating, which carries a content warning but doesn’t impose an age restriction, the OFLC decision said, “The film acts as a counter-narrative to the dominant representations of women and bodies in the media.”

The film’s director, Taryn Brumfitt, said, “I’m absolutely thrilled … Embrace is an entertaining, life-affirming film that leaves audiences feeling inspired.”

Brumfitt will attend screenings in Auckland and Wellington and participate in Q+A sessions. be in attendance at the Auckland and Wellington screenings and the first Christchurch screening.

The NZIFF runs in Auckland until 31 July; Wellington 22 July – 7 August; Christchurch 28 July – 14 August; Dunedin 4 – 21 August. Dates for other centres are available at nziff.co.nz.

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