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Change is the only constant

NZ On Air’s Annual Report has been tabled in Parliament by the Hon. Amy Adams, Minister of Broadcasting

In keeping with the increase in digital content it funds and increasing number of eyeballs for online material, NZ On Air’s annual report this year has a distinctly interactive feel to it.

TV continues to take the lion’s share of the available support – and delivers the lion’s share of the audiences. While the agency notes that webseries the agency has supported were viewed over a million times this year, a single episode of Country Calendar drew 600,000 viewers.

NZ On Air undertook reviews during the year of how it funds regional news and information, and children’s content, as well as developing guidelines on how to prioritise television and online channel applications.

“These are challenging times for all involved in the media. We are fortunate that the NZ On Air public media model is flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of audiences,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

NZ On Air’s Annual Report is this year published as an interactive online report, which you can also download as a somewhat less interactive pdf

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