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Chess Club win 48Hours

Saturday night at the Civic saw regular competitors Chess Club crowned this year’s 48Hours Grand Champ.

Chess Club’s Bread Winner

Chess Club was one of four multiple award winners on the night, with Couch Kunaras, King Gain Bury & Biches, and Peru all taking home more than one gong.

650 teams submitted films this year, a third of them coming from school teams. The total is down on the 800 entries of two or three years ago although, judging from the finalist films screened, the quality didn’t appear to have suffered any.

The seasonal rain did nothing to dampen enthusiasm on an evening MCed, for the third year running, by Josh Thomson – the lead of the thedownlowconcept’s 2010 grand champ Only Son. Thomson kept the proceedings brisk, light and gave Gerry Rafferty a run for his money with a mostly tuneful saxophone solo from Baker Street.

Couch Kumaras’ Loyal

Of last year’s Grand Champ nominees (including the Peter Jackson wildcards), four returned for another bite at the ape: Asylum, Cinema In Decline, Grand Cheval and TBALC.

The 48Hours Grand Final winners were (marked ***):

Grand Champion
Chess Club, Bread Winner, Musical Movie

King Gains-Bury & Biches, Tide, Buddy Movie

Runner Runner-Up
Couch Kumaras, Loyal, Buddy Movie

Best Film Finalists
Asylum, Katy Harrison: Grooming A Superstar, Rockumentary
Chilly Box, Clean Getaway, Black Comedy
Cinema in Decline, Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I., Mystery Movie
Grand Cheval, The Dig, Other Dimension Movie
Peru, Hard To Read, Musical Movie
Sinistral, Harping On, Last Person on Earth Movie
TBALC, The Silent Man, Mystery Movie
The Good Kuntz, Interloafer, Mistaken Identity Movie

The Peter Jackson Wildcards were…
Goodfellas, Full Circle, Mistaken Identity Movie
Moffilaide, Bringing Back Bruce, Mistaken Identity Movie
Traces of Nut, Sound Sleep, Mystery Movie

Best Animation
Dogs Breakfast, Barry’s World
My Box Is On Fire, The Parable of Harrison’s Theory of Thoughtlessness
*** Iloveloops, Meatloaf
Lovely Bongo Drums, Let’s Play
The Gentlemen’s Agreement, Paper Girl

Best Director
Aidee Walker, Interloafer, The Good Kuntz
The Eh Team, The Impotence of Hard Times, The Eh Team
Tomas Cottle, Bread Winner, Chess Club
Finn O’Connor, Loyal, Couch Kumaras
*** Benjamin Brooking & Anna Duckworth, Hard to Read, Peru

Best Actor
Barnaby Fredrick, Bread Winner, Chess Club
Paul Waggot, Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I., Cinema in Decline
Tom Sainsbury, Tide, King Gains Bury Biches
David Allen, The Intervention, Strang Entertainment
*** Connor Cameron, Loyal, Couch Kumaras

Best Actress
*** Amanda Billing, Tide, King Gains Bury Biches
Amanda MacLean, From, Kaiti Hill
Susannah Kenton, The Intervention, Strang Entertainment
Laura Irish, The Silent Man, TBALC
Gwendoline Taylor, The Forest Room, Sideways Productions

Best Cinematography
Daryl Habraken, Harping On, Sinistral
Simeon Duncombe, Bringing Back Bruce, Moffilaide
Paul Green & Josh Wallace, 48 days later, Begged Borrowed Stolen
*** Roko Antonio Babich, Tide, King Gains Bury Biches
Matty Warmington, Sound Sleep, Traces of Nut

Best Editing
Allan George & Ben Fowler, The Forest Room, Sideways Productions
Jade Browne, Jordan Browne, Chrisna Swart, Daniel Trainor, Flight of Passage, Elysium Exit
Edward Aish, Rub a Dub Dub, Rubber Soul
*** Finn O’Connor, Loyal, Couch Kumaras
Zac Beckett-Knight, The Silent Man, TBALC

Rising Talent
Marck Wan Productions, Closed on Sundays
ALIC, Dead End
Team Bolo, The Last Supper
Pumpkin Productions, Harper and Greta
*** Woof Bloody Woof, Survivor Guilt

Best Original Score
E.F.J. Fagan, Pthios at Play, Hybrid Motion Pictures
Jade Browne, Jordan Browne, Flight of Passage, Elysium Exit
*** Tane Upjohn-Beatson, Sound Sleep, Traces of Nut
Emma Hughes-Martinet, , Submission Impossible
Hayden Weal, Bringing Back Bruce, Moffilaide

Best Original Song
*** Paul Williams, Hard to Read, Peru
Chris Callus and Mata Freshwater, Let’s play with ourselves but not in a weird way, Lovely Bongo Drums
Anna Coddington, Too Far Gone, The Good Kuntz
Team Chess Club, 2 Years, Chess Club
Dylan Ngatoro, Dreaming, Team BOLO

Best School Team
Marck Wan Productions, Closed on Sundays
*** Better than Mike, Spuddies
SHUM, Identity
Genios 2.0, loaf me alone
The Dandy Lions, Red Tie Event

Best Script
*** Barnaby Fredric, James Kupa, Paul Harrop, Sam Bunkall, Tom Cottle, Bread Winner, Chess Club
Jonny Potts, Cherie Jacobson, Simon Haren, Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I., Cinema in Decline
Ben Allan, Brendon Bennetts, & TBALC, The Silent Man, TBALC
Thomas Sainsbury & Adam King, Tide, King Gains Bury Biches
Paul Williams, Eddy Dever, Benjamin Brooking, Anna Duckworth, Hard to Read, Peru

Best Use Of Character
Touching Cloth, More or Less
Peru, Hard to Read
Camera Child, Beat Down
*** TBALC, The Silent Man
Bus of the Undead, D.I.Y.

Best Use Of Line
Pikelet, Mr Baker
Team Bolo, The Last Supper
Aint no ting, The Baguetteful Baker
Empire of Reason, Catch of the Day
*** Dystography Studios, Positive

Best Use Of Prop
*** Pie Productions, Voodough
Cock Up Productions, The Specialist
Cowps Productions, Focused on Murder
Voice of Legends, Bread Actually
The Eh Team Science Gone Mad, The Impotence of Hard Times

Incredibly Strange
Inappropriate Pictures, The Wrong Jar

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