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Children and Youth Empowered

Screenies Children’s Film Festival and MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Australasia) join forces to engage children and youth creatively with mobile video production.

“Young people today have in their hands powerful tools to create and tell stories. We want to give them a clear pathway to learn the craft and then see their own stories on screen,” says Janette Howe, Festival Founder/Director.

Starting with school holidays workshops MINA and Screenies are looking at ways to engage children and youth from 7 to 15 years old to make and share their stories using a smartphone, a phablet or a tablet.

Some participants will be eligible for MINA Youth Mentorship in order to further develop their mobile video production skills and stories as well as increasing their chances to get their mobile film to be selected for the #MINA2016 International Mobile Innovation Screening in Melbourne, 30 November – 1 December 2016. Selected videos will also screen at Screenies Children’s Film Festival in Auckland.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Screenies and to engage with the very young – with our potential future creative leaders. It is also important for MINA to develop such national partnerships in order to foster further mobile video production development and expertise in New Zealand,” says Laurent Antonczak, MINA cofounder.

MINA is an international network to promote cultural and research activities that examine and expand the emerging possibilities of mobile media in New Zealand, in the Pacific region and more broadly internationally. MINA aims to explore the possibilities of interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry. Simultaneously MINA provides an opportunity for audiences, spanning from community groups to industry consultants, to engage with new developments or training in the field of mobile technologies.

SCREENIES Children’s Film Festival launched in 2015 to engage children with diverse stories on screen in a dedicated space like other children’s film festivals around the world. Media is an influential part of our children’s world and providing access to diverse stories and empowering them to tell their own stories helps to build identity and a sense of place in the world. In 2016/7 Screenies will include kids and youthmade content through the initiative with MINA.

Screenies will run its second edition 22 – 25 September at TAPAC in Auckland

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