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Chronesthesia gets sales agent and new name

Independent film Chronesthesia, written and directed by Hayden J. Weal, has been picked up by international sales agent WPE, who will represent the film at upcoming markets. 

Chronesthesia had its world premiere at the New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) and played in competition at Austin Film Festival. It is currently playing a small season at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision in Wellington, where it has a final screening on Saturday 25th February which includes a Q & A with producer Steve Barr.

A title change is also in store for international audiences. The new title will be Love and Time Travel

Producer Kelly Kilgour says the team is excited by the name change for overseas audiences. “Chronesthesia proved to be a mouthful. It’s hard to spell for online searches, and would be difficult to translate for non-English speaking audiences. With the title Love and Time Travel, international audiences will know what they are getting.”

Chronesthesia is also nominated for Best Self-Funded Feature Film and three other awards at the Rialto NZ Film Awards (the “Moas”), which will be presented this weekend. 
The deal with WPE means international audiences will be able to enjoy the NZ self-funded indie romance. 

Producer Steve Barr says the team are thrilled to have secured WPE as the film’s sales agent. “We had some other opportunities, but Phil Gorn just spoke our language and our research proved he’s an honest guy and a good fit for the film. We’re excited to see what he can do with the film overseas and glad the film has found a home at WPE.”

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