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CITVC & NHNZ to co-produce Secrets of China

CITVC and NHNZ announce at MIPTV 2017 a co-development deal for a new 12-part documentary series titled Secrets of China. The series will explore some of China’s most famous icons, from ancient and modern architecture to epic natural wonders.
Taking advantage of CITVC’s abundant catalogue of Chinese content and NHNZ’s state of the art post-production capabilities, the co-production partners will bring new life to Chinese domestic-market content and tailor it to the international market. ZDF Enterprises will distribute the series outside Asia. 
Ms Shen Jianing, General Manager of CITVC-CHNPEC says: “NHNZ, as one of our crucial members of The Belt and Road Media Community, is a world-class television production company and we are glad to have this opportunity to cooperate with them. China has a rich culture. We hope such a series could help the westerners realise the beauty of this country.”
The series includes programs about Tibet, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and also China’s modern mega structures. Stories of the powerful and the passionate will be brought to life with dramatic re-enactments and a mix of animation and CGI with original, cinematic HD footage of priceless artworks, artefacts and natural wonders.
NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch hopes the series will be the first of more co-productions with the Chinese company: “CITVC is one of China’s top content producers and distributors. With our expertise in telling China’s story from the international perspective, such co-productions will help promote more premium Chinese content to the international market.”
NHNZ has become one of the biggest international documentary content production companies, operating in China, and produced its first China-based production in 1998. Since then, NHNZ has co-produced over 70 hours of documentaries with Chinese partners.
The “Belt and Road Media Community”, sponsored by China Central Television (“CCTV”) and China International Television Corporation (“CITVC”) and supported by media from Asia, Europe America, Africa and Oceania, was formally founded on August 26, 2016 in Beijing. So far, the Community has attracted 53 media agencies and production companies from 33 countries throughout the world, aiming at reaching consensus among the Silk Road media, integrating all of the best resources into an open, equal, mutually-beneficial and win-win international TV cooperation platform which tells the Silk Road stories, spreads the Silk Road culture, develops the Silk Road spirit, and consequently promotes interactive communications and cultural exchanges.

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