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Coming for Valentine’s Day

Rodrigo Films, Wellington, 3 February 2015: What happens when District Nine meets What We Do in the Shadows…?



…A blinged babe goes below the belt and takes revenge on her binge-drinking boyfriend.

Nathalie Boltt (District Nine, Step Dave) teams up with Jonathan Brugh (What We Do in the Shadows) in the hot new short film Vajazzle.

“Jonny and I met on a shoot and laughed ourselves silly. When I realised we had the same mad sense of humour, he was the obvious choice for Dave, and he’s a total scream”, says Nathalie, who wrote, directed and plays the lead role in this oddball anti-romcom.

Nathalie has spent time on big budget shoots like Golden Globe winner, District Nine, and NBC’s The Poseidon Adventure, but explains that when you’re making a low budget film, you have to work quickly.

“Jonny’s scenes weren’t til just before sunrise. He walked in, nailed it, had the crew doubled-over laughing, then walked out to go and shoot an ad for What We do In The Shadows at 7am at The Warehouse. Total pro!”

Vajazzle is an eye-popping comedy that explores the idea of a romantic night that goes very wrong – a woman, Charrlotte, doing EVERYTHING she can to make this night special and her partner just not playing along.

Says Nathalie, “It’s not that men don’t care, a lot of them just don’t see the point of all the fuss – like, ‘why celebrate by denuding your lady parts and then covering them in a blinding amount of bling? You were going to get lucky anyway!’ … Charlotte, of course, doesn’t see it that way – she wants this night to stand out from all the rest.

She has gone to terrible pains for her man and all Dave’s done is get his drink on. So Charrlotte makes sure Dave will remember this night. Gut-wrenching revenge tends to stick in ones mind!”

Nathalie insists that both men and women will relate to the story line of Vajazzle.

“The best comedies help us laugh at ourselves. Kiwi’s have a fabulous self-deprecating sense of humour, from Fred Dagg and the Topp Twins to the Conchords and Jonny’s hip-swinging vampire in What We Do in the Shadows. It’s this humour, mixed with my special brand of shameless South African shock tactics that will, hopefully, carve a special place for Vajazzle in people’s hearts”

Which is why Nathalie and her collaborative team at Rodrigo Films are releasing it free online on Valentine’s Day.

“ After all, there’s no better way to celebrate love than by taking pleasure in someone else’s downfall together!”

The film will go live and public on www.rodrigofilms.com on the 14th. Love, laugh and share.