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Crossing Rachmaninoff to play 49 screens

Minerva Productions and Rialto Distribution NZ are proud to announce that CROSSING RACHMANINOFF, the documentary helmed by Auckland director Rebecca Tansley is opening on 49 screens nationwide on February 25.

With limited screenings as part of the NZ International Film Festival last year, the film has since screened to great acclaim at the 29th Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA France) as well as the 2015 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (China) where it was a semi-finalist.

The story of one man’s journey to redemption through Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2; CROSSING RACHMANINOFF follows Italian born Italian-born Flavio Villani as he prepares for a performance that will confirm his arrival as a concert pianist and vindicate his decision to be a musician. Following him from Auckland to the US and Italy where he spends time with his family; the film also follows Flavio’s relationship with his strict Catholic family and their less than approving view of his lifestyle – that of a musician as well of a young gay man.

Just as the “Rach 2” was the come back piece that cemented Rachmaninoff as a composer and player of great talent after a period of depression and creative block; the Rach 2 is for Flavio the piece that will justify leaving all he has known and all he was taught to believe in behind.

You don’t need to be a classical music expert to become enthralled in CROSSING RACHMANINOFF; nor do you need to have experienced the pressure of “coming out”. At the heart of this film is the need everyone has to be their own person; to express themselves the way they feel best and the desire to answer the negative voices – be they in your own head, your family dining room or, like Rachmaninoff, in a crowded concert hall in 1897.

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