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Crossing Rachmaninoff

Feature Documentary
Production Company: Minerva Productions
Status: Released July 2015

Produced and Directed by
Rebecca Tansley
Lyn Collie
Executive Producer
Tim Storey
Director of Photography
Simon Raby
Location Sound Mixer
Mike Westgate
Thomas Gleeson
Additional Music
Flavio Villani
Production – New Zealand
Grip Assist
Additional Photography
Production Assistants
Stunt Driver
Co-Producer’s Assistant
Spencer Locke-Bonney
Jim Rowe
Barnaby Sweet
John Whiteside
Lyn Collie
Hazel Tansley-Broad
Oscar Tansley-Broad
Isaac Tansley
Gulshan Mahna
Jason Hoon
Associate Producer
Second Camera
Camera Assistant
Additional Photography
Stunt Drivers
Luigi Cutore
Domenico Di Ruocco
Francesca Antonelli
Mike Westgate
Rebecca Tansley
Mauro Villani
Flavio Villani
Los Angeles
Camera Operator
Camera Assistant
Additional Photography
Vahe Douglas
Laura Storey
Colleen Lindl
Post Production
Post Production Supervisor
Post Production services provided by
Re-Recording Mixer
Dialogue and Music Editor
Sound Design
Mix Recordists
Mix Technician
Sound Manager
Director of Engineering – Sound
Online Editor
Deliverables Mastering Supervisor
Deliverables Mastering
General Manager
Head of Production
Post Producer
Craig Parkes
Park Road Post, Wellington, New Zealand
Tim Chaproniere
Emile De La Ray
Tom Scott-Toft
Toby Lloyd
Adrian Medhurst
Alexis Feoderoff
Nigel Scott
John Neill
Tim Willis
Jon Newell
Victoria Chu
Michael Harris
Cameron Harland
Dean Watkins
Amanda Heatley
Trailer and promo editor
Samantha Sperlich

Sound Mix – fundraising promo
Envy Studios

Website and Publicity Assistant
Hazel Tansley-Broad

Graphic Design
Kath Knight
Elizabeth Campbell

Title Graphics
Giles Molloy

Piano Concerto No. 2
by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Performed by the Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria
Conducted by Filippo Arlia
Flavio Villani

Recorded in 5.1 with a Soundfield SPS-200 microphone

Audio Consultant – Soundfield Microphone
Mike Bloemendal

Special thanks to
Luigi Villani and Marilde Marchis
Mauro Villani
Marie-Noelle Marchis
Judith Marchis
Davide Speranza
Gennaro Speranza
Reverend Stan Stewart
Mark Menzies
Matteo Napoli
Rae de Lisle
Tonino Borzelli
Filippo Arlia
Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria
Bill Gosden
Thanks to
Jamie Eskildsen
Ethan Luo
Joycelyn Ip
Siwen Luo
John Liang
Deanna Louis
Michael Song
Amy Chang
Eva Ding
Stephen De Pledge
Glenn Easley, Global Piano Services Ltd
Robert Boyd-Bell
Eduardo Mamerne
Lilia Carpinelli
Samantha Sperlich
Anthony Corban
Piano Traders, Mt Eden
The Saint Helier’s Church & Community Centre
The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra
The University of Auckland
Caseificio Santa Lucia, Formia
Agriturismo Canalicchio, Nocera Terinese
Il Bar Tre Miscele, Lamezia Terme
Francesco Grandinetti
Associazione Ti Gi, Lamezia Terme
Benzo Camillo
Vincenzo Giudice
Oscar Masciari
Salvatore Folino
Ferrari Broadcast S. R. L.
Thank you to the people who helped
make the production of this film possible:
Mark Crosbie
Mark Tansley
Alan Dormer
Philip Keane
Miriam Frank
Valerie Tansley
Kath Knight
James Leonard
Martin Tansley
Ken Downie
Melissa Phelvin
Brian Wood
Julie Clark
Deborah Shepard
Michael Stephens
Peter Gabor Doublinszki
Reka Ambrus
Wolfgang Sperlich
Nick Tansley
Ant Sang
Michael Hodder
Dianne Moffatt
Jacques Fourie
Glenys Piper
Tony Forster
Annabel Harrison
Completed with the assistance of a Feature Film Finishing Grant
from the New Zealand Film Commission
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