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Curtain comes down on Sunday Theatre

The NZ programming in TVNZ’s Sunday Theatre season came to an end last night with the airing of Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story.

This year’s season had a pair outliers, in different ways. SPP’s Nothing Trivial; The Finale wasn’t a standard Sunday Theatre commission, being commissioned to tie up the three-season run of the show. Lippy Pictures’ Pirates of the Airwaves addressed the same subject matter also seen earlier this year in Craig Newland’s long-coming feature 3 Mile Limit. The two shows drew the smallest 5+ audiences for the season: 253,590 and 255,640 respectively.

Erebus: Operation Overdue

Erebus: Operation Overdue

The best-performing of the shows was Peter Burger and Charlotte Purdy’s Erebus: Operation Overdue, with 430,430 viewers on the night. It had had prior outings at this year’s Doc Edge Festival, coming away a four-time winner from the festival’s awards ceremonies.

Well within the margin of error for best performer was Gibson Group’s Nancy Wake: The White Mouse, which took 427,040 viewers, or 0.8% fewer eyeballs than Erebus.

The most recent piece of local history on offer during the season, Great Southern’s The Kick, placed third with 353,930 a week ago, with Desert Road’s Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story drawing 293,720 to conclude the season last night.

All the shows were supported by NZ On Air and are currently available to view on TVNZ Ondemand.

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