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Dance season features world film premiere

November is all about dance in the Capital, and Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is waltzing in on the act with a world premiere and a fortnight of films to get your feet itching and your imagination firing.

From November 5 – 15 Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision will screen two incredible New Zealand feature films, including the world premiere of OneOne, the latest work from Dunedin’s multidisciplinary visual arts powerhouse, Good Company Arts.


OneOne (2014) Good Company Arts

OneOne is a fascinating exploration of cycle, form and space expressed through moving image, sound and choreography. In the words of its creators, the film ‘explores human existence as part of eternal cycles… [creating] ritual where echoes of the past resonate in a universal view of the present.’ Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is thrilled to be hosting the premiere of OneOne and invite you to join them on Wednesday 5 November to be the first in the world to see this mesmerising and adventurous work.

Then Giselle takes centre stage.


Giselle (2013) GFC (Giselle) Ltd.

This inspired reimagining of the beloved ballet from director Toa Fraser (No. 2, Dean Spanley) beautifully captures the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s acclaimed 2102 production of the classic work, while simultaneously portraying the timeless parallels at the heart of the story.


Giselle (2013) GFC (Giselle) Ltd.

OneOne and Giselle exemplify how dance and moving image work together to create elegant, visionary experiences. These works showcase what can be achieved through cross-disciplinary collaboration and a readiness to embrace a variety of expressive forms.

Dance Season at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is a celebration of the dedication, passion and imagination behind some of New Zealand’s fanciest footwork and filmmaking.

All OneOne and Giselle screenings will take place at NTSV, 84 Taranaki St, Wellington.

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