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Daniel Borgman wins Berlinale Residency

Daniel Borgman is one of three filmmakers selected for this year’s Berlinale Residency programme. Borgman will join Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke and Russian Ella Manzheeva on the three-month programme.


Daniel Borgman’s The Weight of Elephants

The participants will stay in Berlin for three months, working with mentors to finalise screenplays and develop production, financing and marketing strategies. Producers join the process in late November for a three-day workshop prepping and packaging the projects for market. The teams will present their projects at the 2016 Berlinale Co-Production Market.

Borgman’s project, Across the Fields, is being set up as NZ-Denmark co-production after his unofficial co-production The Weight of Elephants helped pave the way for the co-production agreement signed in Cannes last year.

Katja Adomeit will produce, as she did for Borgman’s Berlinale-premiered The Weight of Elephants (with Leanne Saunders) and shorts Lars and Peter and Cannes winner Berik (Grand Prix, Semaine de la Critique).

Adomeit’s no stranger to co-productions and earlier this year picked up the HK$50,000 Wouter Barendrecht Award at Hong Kong’s HAF project market with Shahrbanoo Sadat’s Wolf and Sheep, a Denmark-Afghanistan co-production.

The Berlinale Residency runs 1 September – 30 November. The 2016 Berlinale runs 11 – 21 February.

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